Who Is The Greatest Knockout Artist in UFC History?

There’s nothing MMA fans love more than a good knockout. All it takes is one punch, kick, knee, or elbow to send your opponent tumbling to the canvas. Throughout the history of the UFC we’ve seen some of the best knockout artist. The question I’m asking today is who’s the best knockout artist in UFC history. The four fighters I’ve narrowed it down to are Mark Hunt, Anthony Johnson, Francis Ngannou, and Dan Henderson. These four men have some of the most vicious knockouts in UFC history. Which man is the best knockout artist in UFC history?

MARK HUNT: Mark Hunt is the man who perfected the walk away knockout. A walk away knockout means hitting your opponent so hard you don’t need to follow up with ground and pound. The punch landed so clean you’re opponent has no chance of getting back into the fight. Mark Hunt has done this numerous times. We’ve seen him KO some of the most durable fighters in MMA. His knockout win against Roy Nelson was one of his most impressive by far. A perfectly timed uppercut made Roy Nelson face plant on the canvas. In Hunt’s professional career he’s notched together 13 wins; 10 of those wins are via KO.


ANTHONY JOHNSON: When you’re a fighter and you go by the nickname “Rumble” you know you’re doing something right. Anthony Johnson was a former welterweight, but weight cutting problems force the UFC to cut Johnson from the roster. Even as a welterweight Johnson was still a scary knockout artist. The UFC eventually resigned Johnson and he began to fight in the light heavyweight division. During this period of time Anthony Johnson did his most terrifying work in the UFC. Knocking out light heavyweights like Alexander Gustafsson, Jimi Manuwa, and Ryan Bader. One of Johnson’s most famous knockouts came at UFC 202. Johnson was set to take on Glover Teixeira in a three round fight. Johnson only needed 13 seconds of those three rounds. Glover came out pressuring Johnson, but Johnson landed a clean uppercut that knocked Glover out cold. This knockout won knockout of the year in 2016.

DAN HENDERSON: One thing all MMA fans have in common is love for Dan Henderson. Henderson is the definition of an MMA legend. The biggest thing Dan Henderson is known for his knockout ability. The most dangerous thing about Henderson is his right hand, or as MMA fans call it “the H-bomb”. Dan Henderson throws his right hook with so much power it is capable of ending the fight at any second. Even though opponents know its coming Henderson still finds a way to land his right hand. Henderson is the owner of one of the most iconic knockouts in UFC history. This knockout came when he landed his “H-bomb” directly on the chin of Michael Bisping, knocking Bisping out cold. 16 of Henderson’s 32 wins came via KO.

FRANCIS NGANNOU: Ngannou is the new generation of scary knockout artist in the UFC. Ngannou has shown some unbelievable power and unbelievable quickness in his short MMA career. Tyron Woodly said it best when he said “Ngannou doesn’t knock you out normal”. Meaning when Ngannou knocks his opponent out people show concern and fear on their faces. He lifted UFC legend Andrei Arlovski off his feet with a hook. Ngannou’s scariest knockout came at UFC 218. Ngannou was set to fight number 1 ranked heavyweight Allistar Overeem. Overeem is one of the most decorated strikers in the UFC’s heavyweight division. Many people thought this matchup would be tough for Ngannou, but he proved everyone wrong. Early in round 1 Ngannou hit Overeem with an uppercut, which whipped Overeems head back. Nagnnou followed this up with a punch on the ground. Allistar Overeem was completely stiff after this uppercut and all his senses were gone. That night Ngannou proved his power was no joke.

So out of these four men who’s the scariest knockout artist in UFC history?

WINNER: DAN HENDERSON When your right hand has the nickname “the H-bomb”, you know your knockout power is no joke. If you look up any Dan Henderson highlight videos you’re going to see some spectacular knockouts. Even when Henderson started to come towards the final chapter of his career his knockout power never left him. Longevity and legendary knockouts is what I think makes Dan Henderson the greatest knockout artist of all time.

Stephen Caloggero (@steveo_calo)

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