Who Could Be New England’s New Quarterback?

It’s no secret that the Patriots are in trouble at numerous positions. To sum it up as fast as I can, the entire offense needs an overhaul, desperately, starting with quarterback. The Cam Newton experiment in Foxboro was a necessary one. I was really excited to see him return to the gridiron and hopefully put the Patriots in playoff contention. That, unfortunately, wasn’t the case. Not all on Newton’s shoulder, though. There were so many outside factors that led the Patriots to a position they’re unfamiliar with, 3rd place in the division. It’s time to look towards the future, who should be leading the team on the field on Sunday’s next season? Would you be pleased to see any of these options?

Jimmy G?

Rumor has it that the 49ers are ready to move on from their franchise quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo has already been in New England. Drafted by the Patriots in the 2nd round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He started 2 games wearing the flying Elvis on his helmet and appeared in 17 games. Jimmy G is not the most durable person on the planet. His time on the field has been impressive despite only starting 1 full season with San Francisco. He made the postseason in 2019, the season after suffering a season ending ACL tear. Garoppolo has a solid 67.5% completion rate in his career with a 51/26 touchdown to interception ratio.

Matt Stafford?

Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions have announced that the two sides mutually decided to part ways. Stafford has been with the Lions since he entered the league in the 2009 NFL Draft first overall. Since then his production has been a little bit lackluster. Stafford has only made the playoffs three times in his career and not since 2016. Since the 2016 season, the veteran quarterback has a losing record going 23-32-1. His completion percentage is in the low 60s, officially at 62.6%. Stafford’s most recent seasons are at 64.2%. Throughout his career he’s thrown 282 touchdowns and 144 interceptions. 

Aaron Rodgers?

After losing a tough NFC Championship to Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers had a comment that sent everyone’s heads spinning. Is it possible that he’s thinking of asking for a trade or possibly retiring altogether? I understand the speculation surrounding the comments.

Rodgers somehow slipped and ended up being drafted by Green Bay, 24th overall, in the 2005 NFL Draft. He’s gone to, and won, one Super Bowl and led the Packers to 5 total NFC Championships. Rodgers is argued by many on being the G.O.A.T. With a 65.1 career completion percentage and an insane 412/89 touchdown to interception ratio, it’s understandable why people love to cheer for him.

My Thoughts:

I think it’s insane to think of Rodgers in any other uniform. Rodgers is supposed to retire with the team that drafted him. It’s utter poppycock to think he’ll be playing elsewhere.

Based on how the offseason is shaping up so far, I would, personally, like to see Jimmy G back in New England. It’s a move that makes the most sense for the teams mentioned above. Both Detroit and San Francisco want to move on from their current quarterback situations. He already knows how Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels operate. Garoppolo excelled with the Patriots prior to being traded to the 49ers. His success when Tom Brady was suspended is exactly why he got the contract that he has. The worry surrounding a Garoppolo reunion with the Patriots is durability. Jimmy G has been injured a lot. With the offensive line in New England as is, he would be hit on a good portion of drop back pass attempts.

-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)

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