What Is Aaron Rodgers’ Future?

After yesterday’s heartbreaking loss in the NFC Championship to the hands of Tom Brady and the Bucs, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers sure sounded like someone who is gearing up for a breakup with his current team.  Despite Rodgers being signed through 2023, this wouldn’t be the first time we have seen an elite player force his hand in a trade; and I think Rodgers has earned that right with the Packers.

I can’t imagine how frustrated he is after last night’s loss. Matt LaFleur with an all time bad coaching move by kicking the field goal down 8 with two minutes to play – basically handing Brady the win, the drop by St. Brown for the two point conversion, and the lack of use for Aaron Jones (who is 100% gone) are the main reasons they lost.

I see the frustration and not to mention this is back to back years you have been to the NFC Championship game and haven’t made it over the hump and it’s the roster’s fault. Rodgers played his balls off and still came up short.

It started to become painful watching him force the ball to Adams, but who else did he have? Lazard had some good plays but Lazard isn’t even a tier 3 receiver. Also, the lack of using Jones was absurd.  He was a top running back all year and then you don’t use him because you’re not resigning him?  I don’t get it. Look at the Bucs, they have weapons every where you look and that’s just not the case for GB.

But as for Rodgers, where does his future reside? It is clear that he can’t do anymore in GB. They wasted their first rounder on a guy (Jordan Love) who scouts are saying isn’t even close to being ready. I think he was a healthy scratch the entire year. Not a good look. You refused to provide him with sufficient weapons since losing Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb and let’s not forget they haven’t really had a running back until Jones and Williams this year. And yet he’s only getting older and way more expensive.

At 37,  Rodgers is scheduled to make $33.5 million the next two years. Which to any team is a huge price to absorb. In all honesty, I believe Rodgers to be back with the Packers week 1. But if he isn’t, I’m not sure who. I keep seeing Washington floating around but that doesn’t give you any better of a chance. Maybe SF or Dallas? Jerry Jones is due to make a big splash and win but what will Rodgers cost? Maybe him for Dak? I’m not sure, I can only see him in GB but his window is closing and they are doing nothing to help him reach another Super Bowl.

-John (@Uncle_mac4)

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