Who are the NELK boys?

Who Are The NELK Boys?

The NELK is the name of a popular YouTube channel created by two boys Jesse Sebastiani and Kyle Forgeard in 2014 when they met crossing paths at MTV Canada. The word NELK doesn’t mean anything as they say. Although, they have made phrases such as “full send” and “crack one open for the boys” very popular amongst fans. Now let’s look into each of the boys

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Jesse Sebastiani was born in Hamilton, ON, Canada on June 27th, 1993

He was raised in the small town of Shelburne, ON, Canada on a farm. He moved to Shelburne, ON as a two year old because his parents divorced. He has two siblings, Jakub and Sarah. When he was a kid, he loved to ride dirt bikes, go skateboarding, and go snowboarding. He often was found getting in trouble in school, he almost didn’t graduate high school. He first started making videos at age 12 with a small handheld camera. He had a variety of different jobs growing up including, working on a hay farm, a scrapyard, and worked in Calgary on an oil rig. He always had a thing for entrepreneurial things and created his own clothing line at 12 called “Dahlez”. His two best friends Dalton and Aiden created videos with him and is seen wearing his “Dahlez” merchandise in his early videos. He idolized what Johnny Knoxville did with “Jackass” a popular prank and joke show.

Kyle Forgeard was born in Mississauga, ON, Canada on July 12th, 1994.

Unlike Jesse, Kyle stayed in his hometown and attended high school at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary school. Although there is not much on the internet on Kyle’s childhood likes and dislikes, but we know he loves to make videos with stupid pranks in them. His first video that went viral was him serenading elderly people, and that got him 300,000 views. He did end up going to University in which he continued to make videos. His next big hit was him walking into University lecture halls and serenading women. That hit was a mere 600,000 views. He then started to travel a bit around Canada and hit up Los Angeles doing the same.

The first video was called “Light Me On Fire” in which the prank was performed in front of people where Jesse was caught on fire and them filming the reactions of people. They quickly realized that they were meant for each other and moved to LA with just the little money and equipment they had been using. Their “Seven Ways to compliment boobs” video was quite the hit at 7.2 million views and their “Coke prank on Cops” which today has over 22 million views.

They got so big that they got invited to one of P-Diddy’s kids birthday party, in which they were rubbing shoulders with Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, Khloe Kardashian, and A$AP Rocky.

When the NELK boys made their first video together, they boasted 25,000 subscribers.

There are two other friends that they have that help them out, Nikko and Marco. And in 2017, they broke out big. They went from a couple million views per month to 12-20 million views per month and passed the big 1 million subscribers in 2017. Looking at their channel right now they have close to 1.8 million subscribers so each week they are climbing towards that elusive two million subscriber mark.

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*Information was used from Michael McCrudden’s video series Before They Were Famous*

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