While Most of You Were Sleeping, the Bruins Made Some BIG Moves at the NHL Trade Deadline!

Before we get into the actual article itself, YES, I AM writing an article on the Boston Bruins. It’s weird to see, I know! Let’s get all of the jokes out now. *Waits 10 minutes for all of the laughs, snickers, and jokes to subside* We all good? Yes? Okay, let’s do this

What a weird night it was for the Boston Bruins! They lost on the ice in a merciless 8-1 loss at home to the Washington Capitals. But it was off the ice where the Bruins actually won. When all of you were asleep, the Bruins made two trades and received three players in those trades. So who are the new Bruins? Let’s get into it!

Taylor Hall

This is probably the name that most people, even the casual hockey fan like myself, would know. Taylor Hall comes to Boston and honestly, what a move this was! Taylor Hall is a four time all-star, a Hart trophy winner in 2017-2018, as well as a Calder trophy winner during the 2010-2011 season. Not only that, but the Bruins could look to potentially sign Hall to an extension. What a win that would be! Hall provides secondary scoring which the Bruins desperately need to make a deep playoff run. Plus, things just weren’t working out in Buffalo this season. So it makes sense that the Sabres traded him and tried to get some value out of him.

Curtis Lazar

Here’s the other name in the Taylor Hall trade. Curtis Lazar isn’t the best name in this deal by any means. But he can serve as a third or even fourth line center/right wing that the Bruins could use. Nothing wrong with depth pieces which the Bruins obviously can always use. But again, nothing crazy in this part of the deal.

Mike Reilly

The Bruins also traded for Senators defenseman Mike Reilly. This is a move that bolsters the defensive position, considering the Bruins have some injuries in the position. Reilly has 19 assists on the season, which makes for his highest scoring point total in a single season. Again, another depth piece for the defensive pairings.

In Conclusion

Spoked Z says it perfectly here. Don Sweeney fleeced everyone at the trade deadline. Losing Anders Bjork isn’t a huge deal, especially with the return that the Bruins received in both trades. I’m interested to see how Hall, Lazar, and Reilly play into the Bruins for the rest of the season. For now, looks like Don Sweeney did pretty well with this trade deadline.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

Featured image courtesy of sportsnet.ca

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