While Everyone is Focusing on Cora, Let’s Look Elsewhere

The Red Sox are heading into the offseason searching for a manager after dismissing Ron Roenicke after this dreadful 60-game season. Fans who are rooting for Red Sox Nation are expecting Alex Cora to walk back through the door of the clubhouse. While many feel this is the obvious choice, is it really?

Red Sox ownership has made it crystal clear that Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom will be the one making the decision for the man who’ll manage this club next season. Bloom has been putting his thumb print on this club since last season when he took the helm of the baseball operations. Now, he will have the true real opportunity to find his manager of the Red Sox.

Team president Sam Kennedy said at the conclusion of the season Bloom was going to hire the manager. “I just want to be very clear that Chaim and his team will run the process and ultimately make the decision on who the next manager of the Boston Red Sox will be,” said team president Sam Kennedy. “We are not going to talk about candidates right now. I’m sure at some point it will be appropriate to, and Chaim will address that.”

We all know how this organization works, they say one thing publicly but could they be angling for Cora to return behind the scenes? Bloom would comment about Cora at the end of the season saying, “I still don’t really want to get into any detail on my thoughts on Alex, I don’t want to say anything about Alex that I haven’t already said to Alex, and obviously I haven’t spoken to Alex. So there will be a time where I can get into more detail on Alex and his situation and my thoughts on it, but that time isn’t now so I’m hoping everybody will respect that.”

I don’t get the warm and fuzzies that Cora will be back based on those comments from Bloom. If Cora isn’t going to come back, who should the Red Sox look at to be the skipper of the ball club?

If I read anymore about Jason Varitek being the next Red Sox manager I am going to throw up. In fact the only thing I am going to say on this topic is stop it Red Sox fans, stop living in the past and let’s find someone who should be the manager of this club.

There will be speculation that Bloom will turn to the Rays, his former club for his next manager. Rays bench coach Matt Quatraro will be mentioned as a candidate and why not? The Rays have been really good for the last handful of years and Quatraro is the number two behind manager Kevin Cash. But former Rays outfielder and current Phillies’ director of integrative baseball performance, checks off a lot of boxes for Bloom.

Bloom’s front office is extremely analytical and Fuld is analytically-inclined, he’s young and people within the game say players relate really well to the former big leaguer. To Red Sox fans not much else is really known about Fuld but expect his name to come up during the vetting process to find a new manager.

Another name that people should get excited about is Indians bench coach Sandy Alomar Jr., he’s a future manager who has been working under Terry Francona.

So why Alomar Jr. as next Red Sox skipper?

One, former big league catchers make great managers. Alomar Jr. is well respected throughout the game and he would connect with the Red Sox Latin players similar to now former manager Cora. 

Alomar Jr. began his coaching career back in 2008 after he retired from player in ‘07.  He was named the Mets catching instructor and was in that role for two years. When the Indians hired Manny Acta as manager in 2009, he quickly hired Alomar Jr. to become his first base coach.  Following the ‘09 season Alomar Jr. interviewed for the open managerial vacancy in Toronto.  The job ultimately went to another former Sox skipper – John Farrell.

Alomar could appeal to the younger, latin players on the roster which wouldn’t be a bad thing coming off losing Cora. When Alomar first interviewed for managerial vacancies, he was a little green for the role. He now has spent time learning under one of the best managers in the game and his time could come this offseason. The Red Sox have managerial options this offseason and more time to find the right candidate.

While many would love to see Cora back in Boston, we need to become open minded to other names on the market, Fuld and Alomar Jr., check those boxes. I am so ready to completely turn the page on this dreadful 2020 season and focus on Red Sox Hot Stove.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)


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