Which Wild Card Team Will Make A Run In The NFL Playoffs?

The NFL playoffs are officially here! Now this is where the real fun begins. While the Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers get the week off while the other twelve teams prepare for battle. With this being super wild card weekend, one can’t help but ask, which wild card team will make a run in the NFL playoffs? That question is directed towards the three teams in each conference who earned a wild card birth this season!

AFC wild card teams

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This year the three wild card teams in the AFC are the New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers. We all know how lucky the Steelers are to just be here so let’s just rule them out immediately. The Patriots are the clear cut best team out of these three. Rookie Mac Jones has been a sensation this year out of the rookie quarterbacks and the defense has been spectacular. It was unexpected for the Patriots to be in this position, let alone be the best of the three. Then there’s the Raiders. You have to give the Raiders credit here, after everything they’ve been through this season it’s amazing they’re in this position.

Looking at the three matchups for each of the wild card teams, each team faces a huge challenge. The Steelers are in Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. Yes the Chiefs have not been the same this season, but they have shown improvement from the beginning of the season. Vegas is in Cincinnati to take on Joe Burrow and the Bengals. That alone is a tough matchup. Then there’s New England, facing their favorite division rival, the Buffalo Bills.

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It’s not a mystery, the Patriots are the best of the three. They have the best chance of winning this weekend. Yes, Buffalo is a tough environment to play in, but the Patriots already won in Buffalo this season and are capable of doing it again.

NFC wild card teams

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In the NFC the three wild card teams are the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles. How ironic that both teams in Pennsylvania are the worst playoff team in their respective conference. It really comes down to who’s the better team between Arizona and San Francisco. Arizona behind the leadership of Kyler Murray put together one hell of a season at the start of it. Then things went south when Murray went down with an ankle injury. As for San Francisco, they were a mystery to figure out because of Jimmy Garoppolo. You never knew how Jimmy would play. One game he’d be great, the next he’d look like a rookie.

Arizona plays the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night to wrap up super wild card weekend. Obviously one of the many appeals to LA is the defense they have with the leadership of Aaron Donald. Plus, with Arizona having a weak defense, Cooper Kupp will be a problem for the Arizona secondary. As for San Francisco, they have the easier matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas has been inconsistent and if the 49ers get hot, they could be in for a long day.

With all of that being said, the 49ers are the best NFC wild card team. The 49ers have an underrated offense. Yes there’s Jimmy G, but there’s also Deebo Samuel who can do basically anything. They have the easiest matchup out of the three and could come away with a win without any problems.

Who’s going to make the playoff run?

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This is tough between the Patriots and 49ers. But, the slight edge would go to San Francisco. They have the best chance out of all the wild card teams to win this weekend and could shock the world and make a significant run. If this offense gets hot, they’re a team to watch out for.

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