Where Will Gordon Hayward End Up?

What team will Gordon Hayward end up on? This is the big question everyone is trying to figure out around the NBA. Personally, I think Hayward is the best free agent on the market. He is still young and has a ton of potential. I want to go over some of the moves that Hayward can make over the next few months.

1.He stays in Utah

The Jazz are on the rise in the West, with one of the best young nuclei. In the 2015-16 season, the Jazz finished 9th in the West with a record of 40-42. This past season they finished 5th with a record of 51-31. An 11 game swing is HUGE for a young team that is on the rise, and Hayward had a lot to do with that. The Jazz are going to offer him a max contract that will be hard to turn down. Why would you leave a team where you are the face of the franchise? Literally, Hayward is the only face of the Utah Jazz. If they could add another piece to that puzzle in Utah, then the Jazz could be a top three team. All I am saying is, Hayward has everything he wants AND MORE in Utah.

Chance of happening 70%

  1. He comes to Boston 

Celtic’s fans would absolutely love it if Hayward came to the C’s. He would be that wing scorer that we have desperately need for a while. Hayward is 40% from outside and is almost 50% from inside the arc. We could finally let go of Jae Crowder, and let Hayward teach out new young SF’s. The Celtics could also afford to sign Hayward to a max contract, but then they would not room to go and trade for another big name star.

Chance of happening 28%

  1. He goes to Miami

Now there have been rumors out there that Hayward might sign with Miami. To me this move would not make sense at all. Yes the Heat can offer him a huge 4-5 year deal, but they do not have a great team. Hayward wants to go to a team where he can make the playoffs.

Chance of happening 2%

There are other speculations that Hayward would go to the Suns or Pacers, but I really do not see that happening. It would take a while for the Suns to get their young roster ready to win a championship and the no one really wants to play for the Pacers.

Written By: Connor Strayer (Big_C19)

3 thoughts on “Where Will Gordon Hayward End Up?

  • Amazing to watch him grow in the league so fast and become arguably the top free agent of 2017.

    • connorstrayer

      I 100% agree, He deserves a max contract and a championship. Kind of reminds me of Dirk and would not be surprised if he stayed/won a championship with the Jazz down the road.

      • I’d love to see that. Bring back the Jazz to the glory of 80s/90s. I just wonder if he sees them building a good enough team there because the West is so tough.

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