John Farrell Pathetically Suspended & Fined Because He Hurt The Umpires Wittle Feewings

Okay. Maybe the umpire didn’t say that John Farrell hurt his feelings. But how much of a weenie does the umpire, Bill Miller, look in this situation?

For those of you who missed it, and I was lucky enough to watch this live, Red Sox manager, John Farrell, lost his MIND on the home plate umpire, Bill Miller, on Saturday night.

You know what… Here, take a look.

In the events leading up to the blow up… Pitcher Fernando Abad for Boston was called for a balk bringing in a runner to score from third base. The problem was, it seemed as though time was called before the balk which would then eliminate the call. But for whatever reason, the balk was still called and an Angels baserunner was sent to cross home plate.

Farrell didn’t agree and once again, lost his crap. And I am no Farrell supporter, well I kind of am after this year, but regardless I usually wouldn’t defend him. He hasn’t gained my trust yet. But here I am 100% on his side. What? He’s getting suspended and fined because he got in the umpires face a little excessively? I mean, I see if he shoved the umpire and actually touched him sure, whatever. But personally I did not see either of those events occur during the spat.

Bill Miller says that Farrell “poked him in the chest”, but why haven’t I seen any video of that? You’re telling me that not one of the FOX cameras picked it up that night? Please. Poor little Bill had his teeth caved in by Farrell berating him and cried to the league.

Farrell had this to say about the incident…

“Time was called. Time was clearly called before the balk was called, so that was the dispute.”

That he didn’t call time. I’m sure once they take a look at the video, they’ll see time was called well in advance of the balk called, even to the point where Fernando was off the rubber before the balk was called, following time called at home plate, so in my view, obviously not seeing the rest of the game from the dugout, I strongly disagreed, and time was clearly called before the balk was called.”

Via YahooSports.com

All in all. Toughen up MLB. You’re going to suspend a guy for yelling at an umpire excessively? If it were just a fine I would live with it. But add a suspension to it? Please.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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