Where is the Best Spot for Nick Foles to End Up?

Everyone was talking all week about what the Philadelphia Eagles do at quarterback. Do they trade away Carson Wentz? The former number 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft has shown the potential to play at an MVP caliber level, but he has had trouble staying on the field. The other option the Eagles have is to deal backup quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

The reason the Eagles are in this predicament is because anytime Foles gets a chance to come into the game, the dynamic of the team changes. For example, the Carson Wentz led Eagles team went into New Orleans earlier in the season and got their doors blown off 48-7. Yesterday, Foles and the rest of the Philadelphia squad were in a tough battle throughout despite losing key players to injuries all throughout the game. And if Alshon Jeffrey catches that ball instead of letting it slip through his hands maybe the Eagles end up winning the game. Still, that did not happen and the Eagles have a decision to make.

I really doubt the Eagles seriously considered trading Wentz and keeping Foles at the helm. Just think about how much they invested in Wentz by trading up in the draft. The only way I saw that happening was if Foles went out and won another Super Bowl in relief. The goal to repeat was not achieved so now it appears the 29-year-old Foles will be on the trading block. So where is his best landing spot?

If you look around the league there really are not that many quarterback hungry teams. There are the “definitely need to do something” teams like the Jaguars, Dolphins (reportedly), and Giants. Then there are the “maybe we need a quarterback” teams like the Buccaneers, Titans, Bengals, Redskins, and Broncos.

I feel like the “maybe” teams that are on the fence about quarterback will most likely pass on the option to take Foles. Why grab another veteran quarterback who is just as good as the guy starting for you right now? Exactly. That is why the best spot for Nick Foles to land would be with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Despite having a rough go this year, the Jaguars still have a lot of young, talented players that could get them back to the postseason. Someone like Nick Foles will put them in such a better position to succeed the next time they make the tournament.

The reason why I pick the Jags as his best landing spot over the Giants or Dolphins is because they are not in the NFC (eliminates New York) and they are built to win now (peace to the Dolphins).

Jacksonville needs that veteran QB with playoff experience desperately to get over the hill they died on during the 2018 playoffs. They have to decide who would be best to try and get them there. Foles? Draft a QB? Or do they *gulp* snatch up Joe Flacco? I personally think Foles fits what they need perfectly so them and the Eagles should hit the phone lines as soon as they can.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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