Is Jason Garrett really going to get a contract extension for winning a wild card game?

A thousand years of darkness for you, Dallas Cowboys. NFL insider Ian Rappaport reported earlier this week that the Cowboys plan on extending the contract of head coach Jason Garrett.

How bout dem……playoff woes

After last nights loss to the Rams, the Cowboys finished this year’s playoffs with a 1-1 record. They beat the Seahawks in the Wildcard. However, those aren’t the Seahawks of old. It was a game the Cowboys were supposed to win at home, and they did. Woopty-freaking-doo Cowboys fans. You won a playoff game. I guess you are America’s team. Under Garrett, the only two playoff wins have come in the wildcard round, at home, in games they’ve been favored in. Garrett has yet to win a Divisional round game. Yet, here were are, coming up on contract extension number two.


Hahahahahaha, that’s so awesome if you’re a fan of any other NFC East team. Jason Garrett is a consummate joke. Year in and year out he fails to get the most of his players. They have an incredibly talented roster and their inconsistencies fall almost entirely on him. The only reason he still has a job is because Jerry Jones can’t admit he was wrong in hiring him, and the extending him, in the first place. Seriously though, Cowboys fans, I’m sorry. You deserve better than Mr. Garrett. Earlier in the season when the Cowboys were struggling, and it looked like the tenure of Jason Garrett was finally coming to an end, it was natural to look around and see who is replacement would be. So who could they have had?

Well, Oklahoma Head Coach Lincoln Riley is exactly what the NFL seems to be looking for now. He’s young, energetic, and oh yeah, he’s an offensive genius. It’s a copycat league where everyone is trying to find the next Sean McVay, and Lincoln Riley may as well be a carbon copy. Imagine what that guy could do with Dak, Zeke, and Amari. Sheesh. But alas, Jerry Jones can’t be proven wrong, even if it means sacrificing winning, so five more year of Jason Garrett looks like it’s near for the Cowboys. Enjoy that one win you had this year in the playoffs Cowboys fans, that’s as good as it’s going to get. Terrell Owens seems to have similar sentiments.


Dillon Leary

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