Where is the Best Place for Urban Meyer to Coach Again?

We are onto week 5 of the college football season, and there are some really really really good teams and then there are some really really really bad ones.  From what I have seen in both college and professional is that the coaches and coaches who call the plays are getting worse and worse.  Granted I am spoiled as a Pats fan and we have never had to look for a coach in 20+ years, but seeing teams struggle with finding a coach is hard to watch.

For people who don’t remember, Urban Meyer “retired” after last season at Ohio State and then proceeded to say “He thinks he’s done.”  That right there sounds like someone who is just taking some time off and then moving onto the next team that can win him a championship.  I actually put Urban Meyer ahead of Nick Saban as the best coach in college football, and arguably second in all of football behind Belichick.  What’s awesome about Meyer is that he’s just so entertaining and he loves to win.  So what college teams (because we all know he’s not going to the NFL) could use his services.

Notre Dame

Look, I love Brian Kelly but ND needs to start winning championships.  Urban Meyer used to be the WR coach when he was just starting out as a coach and as been on record saying ND is his “dream job.”  Well the Irish fan base need Meyer.  Brian Kelly has done a great job at turning the program around, but ND just can’t seem to win the big game.  Now we know Meyer is able to win the big game, and has done so with two different schools.  Both OSU and Florida are on the same level of competition and recruiting as ND yet I can’t tell you the last time ND got a top 10-20 recruit.  Maybe it’s because OSU and Florida play tough schedules, but so doesn’t ND, and all three schools have a great NFL track record.  ND fans are satisfied with what Kelly has done and we really do like the guy, but ND is no longer a team — they are a program and they need to start moving in that direction.


This will 100% not happen, but Michigan fans (who have no pride) are begging for Meyer to come and relieve Harbaugh of his duties.  The Harbaugh experiment just straight up didn’t work at all.  Michigan can potentially lose 5 games this year and that would mean he would 1000% be fired at the end of the season.  Meyer would never do this he has Ohio blood in him and that would be such a slap in the face to his former team and home state if he took the Michigan job.  Once again Michigan fans are delusional and every year is “their year.”

Florida State

Meyer won his first national championship in the state of Florida and FSU is currently slamming the panic button.  FSU should always be the staple of the ACC but since they hired Willie Taggart they have been horrible.  Meyer would get the recruits, big wins, and then talks of championships will follow.  FSU would be a great project for Meyer to take over.  They are currently in turmoil and the fans hate their coach and Meyer would embrace the “bad boy FSU” that he is used to instilling in his teams and bring FSU back to life.

Other teams would include:

  • USC
  • Boston College (I can only hope)
  • Miss. State
  • UCLA
  • Stanford


John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)


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