5 Biggest Takeaways from the NFL Week 3

1. The Ravens aren’t ready to be at the top

It’s pretty clear that the AFC is led by the Patriots followed closely by the Chiefs. Some people thought the Ravens could be in that conversation after a convincing first couple weeks. However, after looking pretty mediocre vs the Chiefs, it’s clear the Ravens are a tier below the two top teams. Lamar Jackson looked mostly lost and the Ravens defense looked unable to slow down one of the best offenses in football. Come January, while the Ravens may be a 3 seed, they certainly won’t be competing with 1 or 2.

2. The Browns are in Trouble

There was a report about a month ago that Freddie Kitchens actually had very little say in the offense last year. Most people chalked up the report to someone being sour about being let go. However, after watching the Browns’ offense this year, that report seems to hold more weight as being true. The Browns look totally lost on offense. Opposing defenses are getting tons of pressure on Baker and receivers seem to not be able to get open. The Browns’ upcoming stretch doesn’t get any easier, so they better turn things around quick, or they could be looking at yet another losing season.

3. The Steelers are in even bigger trouble

I didn’t like Mason Rudolph coming out. Some people had a first round grade on him. I thought he was a product of some great receiving plays by James Washington. This past weekend definitely made him look like he should’ve been a day 3 pick. In the past three years, there have been 28 instances of a team getting 5 takeaways in a game. Those teams are 28-0. However, the Steelers broke that streak, recording 5 takeaways but losing anyways. If your offense can’t capitalize on five turnovers, then you probably won’t be having too successful of a season.

4. Daniel Jones looked great

A lot of people said that Eli was washed up. And even if he isn’t, most people agreed that this Giants team wasn’t going anywhere, so why not start Jones, who was drafted 6th overall? Those murmurs got a little louder after an impressive preseason by Jones. And after a 300+ yard, 4 TD, 18 point comeback, people are loudly wondering why Jones wasn’t starting all along. The offense looks a lot more electric with Danny Dimes back there. He not only brings youth, but also some sneaky athleticism. The Giants could be looking at a 2-1 record if Danny Dimes had been starting all year. My only caution is, let’s not crown this guy just yet. His body of work is against backups in the preseason, and the Buccs team who was the 32nd ranked pass defense last year (although they are much better this year).

5. The Dolphins will go 0-16

Poor Josh Rosen. After being on the worst team in the league last year, he’s on an arguably worst team this year. The Dolphins haven’t even been competitive in their games this year. The end of the first half on Sunday is a perfect example. Trailing 10-6, Rosen throws an absolute dime for a TD, but it’s dropped. Next play, they try to run the ball and fumble it at the five yard line. They went from potentially leading at half, to maybe being down one point, to getting no points. It’s a shame because Rosen doesn’t look that bad. He just has zero help around him. He’ll probably get traded next offseason while the Dolphins draft someone like Tua. And just to put in perspective how bad the Dolphins are, the top three teams in point differential are the Patriots, Ravens, and Cowboys. The one thing they have in common? They all played the Dolphins this year.

-Stephen Brown III (@sbtrey23)

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