Where in the World is James Harden

Former MVP and foul drawing aficionado James Harden is out and about.

COVID be damned!

M.I.A. at Rockets Camp

He is out and about, but very much OUT on the Rockets franchise right now.

What’s up with the top dog of travelling?

I guess things in Houston may be…not that great?

We Actually Do Know Where He is…Kind Of

So we know he is in Vegas, frequenting clubs, and not at all in Houston.

Therefore, we really do have a pretty good idea where he is. However, he is not at all where he is supposed to be.

Harden is breaking the NBA code for COVID, as well as ignoring his team and responsibilities of his contract.

He clearly wants out of Houston, and frankly may never return.

Maybe he should go play for the Los Angeles Raiders?

Implications for Houston

Uhhh…not good.

Harden clearly is disgruntled and this does not bode well for the success of the franchise.

The Rockets may have been a playoff team in the West, maybe even a decent one, with Harden.

Without James, however, this team built around his strengths will be Lottery bound for sure.

If you are a Houston fan, are you done with James? He clearly does not want to be there, right?

At best, he comes back and plays but is a grumpy pants.

Not a great look for the Rockets right now, or, frankly James Harden.

Going out like that during a pandemic? Very bad look. Very bad.

Poor John Wall.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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