What’s The Word on Karlsson?

The Ottawa Senators have been looking to move their standout defenseman Erik Karlsson and many thought this would have done by the NHL’s draft. As we all know Karlsson is still with the Senators. The Senators are aware of the kind of player they have in Karlsson but they are also aware they likely won’t be able to re-sign him when his contract expires. Karlsson wants to go to a contender and the Sens did nothing but take steps backwards last year and after the whole Hoffman fiasco I’m sure Karlsson would like a change of scenery.

So where could he end up? Right now the top contenders seem to be The Lightning, The Stars and The Golden Knights. All three of these teams have the pieces to acquire Karlsson but the Lightning would need help getting extra cap space. An addition of Karlsson’s caliber certainly won’t come cheap and the Senators are asking for a haul to acquire the two time Norris winner. Karlsson has been among the leagues’ best defenseman since he entered the league in 2009. Always producing points and being an extremely effective power play quarterback. He’s racked up 518 points in his career with some bad Sens teams. He’d be even better with a more talented group of forwards in Dallas or Tampa.

Karlsson is a franchise player and the Sens by no means should just “give him away” they aren’t in a full rebuild and they don’t need to be. They still have good players who are in their primes like Duchene, Stone and Ryan. Their team isn’t a complete dumpster fire and by trading Karlsson for the right deal they can get back to being contenders in one or two seasons. This trade could be drawn out and I don’t see Karlsson being moved by the end of summer but I certainly expect him to be on a new squad by the start of the season. I’m just hoping he’s heading west and not making the Lightning an absolute powerhouse of a team.

For now all we can do on the Karlsson trade front is watch and wait.


Written by Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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