WATCH: Are You Shocked That Adam Pacman Jones In Throwing Hands With An Airport Employee?

Man, first off let me say this. The internet is the best. I don’t know what I would do if I lived in like, the 70s and I didn’t have any of this stuff at my disposal.

Like if this happened back then, we might hear about it in the newspapers and that would be it. “Ex-Bengals Corner Back Adam Jones Fights Airport Employee”. Maybe a picture of Jones after the fight or something, but that would be it.

But NOPE. Not in 2018 baby! We get to see it all and if I could marry the internet because of what it provides me, I might do it.

Really though, am I supposed to act surprised by this? Pacman Jones was always one of the most controversial and polarizing players in the NFL. He was part of the Bengals who do nothing but try and debilitate their opponents with cheap shots. They’re legit the worst and probably my least favorite team in the NFL.

But Pacman Jones is the king of this stuff. We know he’s a scumbag. Remember last year when he told a cop to perform oral fellatio on him and that he hopes that he dies? Ahhhh the classics by Adam Pacman Jones.

The video quality stinks but it looks like Jones gets a hell of a crack in at the end and the airport employee who went after him gets DROPPED.

Adam Pacman Jones, keep living the life you’ve always lived because this kind of thing makes Wednesdays bearable.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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