What’s Holding up the Kyrie-IT Trade?

There seems to be a bump in the road leading to the completion of the Celtics blockbuster trade with the Cavaliers.

…okay cool. Everyone knows that IT had a hip problem. One would assume that the Cavs did their due diligence on that hip before agreeing on the deal, but I suppose they didn’t. IT hasn’t worked out in months, and everyone has been questioning whether or not he would need hip surgery since he got hurt in the ECF. Why all of a sudden are they getting cold feet when they should have known what they were getting into in the first place?

Part of me feels like this is just a way for them to try and squeeze more out of the Celtics, but another part of me feels like they actually just didn’t know what they were getting into with Isaiah, which would be their own fault.

What sucks about the whole thing now is that I bet Danny Ainge ends up throwing more at them to get Kyrie. Considering a lot of people already thought he gave up too much in the first place, this would be less than ideal. I do not believe it would be anything on the level of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, or the Lakers pick. However, maybe their own pick or the Clippers first round pick they currently possess could get it done.

Considering how quick everyone was to wish Isaiah and Jae goodbye already, I feel like this trade has to get done. It would be too much of a roller coaster of emotions for both the players involved and the fan bases. NBA GM’s don’t necessarily always consider that when making a deal, but given the circumstances here, I feel like it has to play a factor.

According to Woj, the Cavs have only had internal discussions on the matter. They do plan to re-engage with the Celtics tonight, so we’ll probably get more information on this in the next few days. They have until Thursday to make a final decision.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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