What The Celtics Need To Do Next

So as many of you already know, late Saturday night the Celtics agreed to trade their first overall pick in this years draft for the 76ers third overall pick. I just wanted to say I TOLD YOU SO. I have been saying all along that the C’s were not going to draft Fultz and they have finally proved me right. Now I like Fultz, but people are overreacting about his game. He is not in a tier all by himself and I believe GM’s around the league have started to realize that. It really was a smart move for the Celtics especially if Danny Ainge does not think that Fultz will be the go to guy going forward. Ainge just put all of his trust in IT because he will most likely not be drafting a PG. The big ticket question is who will the Celtics draft with the newly acquired third pick? They still have a slew of possibilities but their fate is in the Lakers hands.

The Lakers still are still not 100 percent sure if they want Lonzo Ball or Josh Jackson. If the Lakers go with Ball then the Celtics will most likely go with Jackson.  If the Lakers select Jackson then I really do not think that the Celtics will draft Ball over Jayson Tatum out of Duke. But lets face it, the Lakers are going to draft the home grown star Lonzo Ball. It would create so much noise for the fan base as well as draw more fans back into the team. THEN the Celtics have to go out and target another big name player. Blake Griffin and Gordon Hayward are the top two players that the Celtics are targeting this Summer. Maybe even go out and make a trade for Jimmy Butler? It is not crazy to think that Ainge would trade the third pick and a few players for Butler.

Personally, I would rather have Gordon Hayward over Blake Griffin. Griffin is severely injury prone and he just is not the same player he was since entering the league. Hayward on the other hand can shoot from long range, drive to the hoop, and his post up game is not awful. Plus he already has a great relationship with head coach Brad Stevens. It would really make sense for Hayward to come to Boston, but we shall see what happens soon. 

So as you can see, the Celtics have a lot going on this Summer. Fans should should be really excited as the Celtics continue to grow and gear towards winning another Championship. As always like/share this post and follow Couch Guy Sports!

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

2 thoughts on “What The Celtics Need To Do Next

  • June 21, 2017 at 2:25 am

    ??? What do fans have to be excited about? The Celtics are no closer to being champions then they were at the beginning of last season. That trade gives us two facts, pick number 3 is nowhere near as valuable as pick 1 and the Celtics have failed with last years 3 overall after only one year, why else would they draft the same position, type of player as last year and this time one that also has character issues. Can we please stop trying to compare Ainge to Belichick, he has only 1 championship and is looking for people that look like a Celtick. Does this remind anyone of another Boston team? He looks like a Bruin. Back to the chalk boards again Danny, yet another delay.

    • June 21, 2017 at 3:36 pm

      I am just excited for the fact that this may be the best draft class we have seen in a while. I know Josh Jackson is a similar player to Jaylen Brown, but who else are we going to draft? The Celtics need a big man but there are none in this draft. I think they should use Brown as a trade piece to go out and get a big man… The Clippers are looking into trading Jordan. This team can only get better from last year so there is a lot to be excited about for the next few years.


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