What now is the Plan for the Patriots?

Well, the Patriots are in a situation that the team are and their fans are not use too. The team is going into the final three weeks of the regular season with seven losses. Usually during this time of year, the team has clinched a playoff spot and are fighting to the first seed in the AFC. However, this year, that is not the case as the team has a very slight chance now to make the postseason after falling to the Los Angeles Rams.
Coach Bill Belichick has already has answered the question about who is going to be the starting Quarterback in next weeks contest against the Miami Dolphins and it is going to be Cam Newton.
Fans are not looking forward to the remainder of the season because the Quarterback play has been nothing but under achieving. Clearly, the team does not believe in Quarterback Jarrett Stidham as they continue to play Newton, who has been inconsistent all year long.
No one really knows what the plan is for the New England Patriots. I cannot see the team bringing back Newton but the team is not sold on Stidham either. So, this leaves the team in a bad spot at the Quarterback position.
I would hate to see this team turn into one of those teams that consistently changes their Quarterback because it’s just continues bad play. We’ve seen teams like that, like the Cleveland Browns the past decade.
I do not believe the Patriots will turn into one of those teams. However, they need to approach the situation as soon as possible. If not, the team will be an 8-8 team for years, leaving the organization and the fans in a frustrating spot.
Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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