What is all the fuss about Riverdale?

After watching the teen choice awards Sunday night because my fantasy football draft position depended on it, the talk of the awards ceremony was the Netflix show Riverdale. I had never seen it before yesterday after I binged about 5 episodes of the first season and I cannot get enough of it. Each episode so far is riveting with new secrets, drama, and new information. This show is so good in that each character has a totally different personality. There is no habitual personalities at work here.

Archie, a young jock who wrestles with decisions on what his future should be, music or football.

Jughead Jones, son of a biker gang member, who is sort of the outcast who loves to write in the beginning but opens up to the group as they solve the mystery of Jason’s murder.

Betty Cooper, who’s sister Polly dated Jason before he was murdered is as willing as Jughead to get to the bottom of the investigation

Veronica Lodge, the new girl in town who was formally wealthy but is now living in Riverdale to amend her bad girl behavior to try to help whoever she can.

And Cheryl Blossom, the Blossom family daughter who is a spoiled b?$ch, that runs the cheerleading squad and is a bully to everyone at the school.

The parents of all these kids all have secrets, different personalities and the decisions they make or have made in the past make a drama filled plot. A drama filled plot that should help them solve this murder case of Jason Blossom.

I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season to see what occurs next!!!

Nick Sutherland (@Sudsy8)

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