What Bowl Games to Watch Besides the Playoffs

Alright alright alright here we go. Next week begins the week of college football bowl madness. Now I know what you’re thinking, why would you watch bowl games that don’t mean anything and I’ll tell you why. BECAUSE I FREAKING SAID SO. In all honesty they’re are some great bowl games between some great teams. Its fun to have football on mid week of the holiday break. So if you’re a football fan in general you should definitely tune into some of these games because they are going to be fun and exciting.

okstate VT

Camping World Bowl Virgina Tech VS Oklahoma State DEC 28th 5:15pm ESPN 

I am looking forward to this game big time. These are two teams that had the potential to go to the distance but just lost to the super teams in their conferences. I think this game could really go either way, but you know me I am a stats guy and the stats say this. Oklahoma State will win this game. OK State has the better QB in Mason Rudolph who actually lead the nation in passing yards. Oklahoma State’s offense as whole scored the 3rd most all season averaging 46.3 points per game. It will be hard to take Virginia Tech in this one. Oklahoma State 49 Virginia Tech 28

The Alamo Bowl Stanford VS TCU DEC 28th 9pm ESPN

NOW this is going to be a fun game. These two teams are both ranked inside the top 30 in defense. So the key here really is which offense can break through and my gut is telling me to pick TCU for two reasons. I think they have the more complete and consistent team. Stanford has been up and down for the past couple of years and TCU has really performed well this year. The other reason I am taking TCU is home field advantage. This game is in their home state of Texas so their fans will represent them heavily at this one.  TCU 31 Stanford 24

The Cotton Bowl USC VS Ohio State DEC 29th 8:30pm ESPN

Oh baby. The battle of the two teams that just missed making the college football playoffs. This ought to be a good one. Definitely neutral territory for both teams and both teams I am sure are a little pissed off that they didn’t make the playoffs so this should provide some fireworks. Now as a I said a few weeks ago the committee got it right with the playoffs so I don’t feel that bad for these two teams. Unfortunately, I didn’t think USC should of been in the conversation at all which is why I am picking Ohio State in a blow out. They have the better coaching and reputation in bowl games. Expect them to come out and play. Ohio State 49 USC 28

orange bowl

Orange Bowl Miami VS Wisconsin DEC 30th 8pm ESPN

This will be an interesting one. The turnover chain will be back for one more game but can they get the win? Wisconsin came off the heart breaking loss to Ohio State and Miami got destroyed by Clemson. In my eyes the team that is better here is obvious and I’ll get to that in a second. Miami came out of nowhere this year and they were ballin out up until their loss to Pittsburgh. If they had beaten Clemson then they would of been playing in the playoffs. Ultimately they got embarrassed and I think that game showed their true colors. Wisconsin will win this game 100%. Put some money on it. They are use to these big games, they have played better all year, and guess what? They have the better defense. They are ranked 3rd in points allowed on the year giving up an average of 13.2 points per game. I am picking them to win this one. Sorry Miami but you got a little too cocky with the turnover chain. Wisconsin 28 Miami 17

Written By: Nick Katinas (@nkatinas22)

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