LaVar Ball Wants to Start a Big Baller League for Kids That Don’t Want to go to College


Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in American history: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Walt Disney… LaVar Ball. What an absolute power move by LaVar to start up his own league that will not only prepare high school kids for their NBA careers, but also pay them to do so. There would be 10 teams and each game would be played by NBA rules, not college. LaVar is trying to completely cuck the NCAA and I love every second of it.

However, I do have a glaring question. How can he afford to pay these kids $10K a month? If there’s going to be 80 players making $10K over 12 months, that adds up to $9.6M a year spent on just the players. You also have to factor in venue fees, jerseys, travel costs, TV deals, etc. Where is Big Baller Brand going to get that kind of cash? Is Lonzo going to kick in some start up money? Will the price of the ZO2’s go up even more? Hell, the ticket sales will probably be through the roof just so he can maybe break even. He’s going to need some serious dough, I’m interested to see how he pulls it off.

Overall I love the move, but he has a lot of work to do before this can happen. An idea like this will take a lot of time and money to come alive. LaVar is an innovator, so I feel like he can make it happen if given the means to do so. Money talks, and if he can guarantee these kids will get paid, I’m sure a decent amount would steer away from the NCAA in favor of him.

I’ve gone from hating LaVar, to loving him, to hating him, and on and on so many times that I just don’t know how to feel about the guy anymore. He’s such a jackass, but he’s done a good job of making a brand for himself. Gotta give credit where it’s due. If he pulls this one off, he’ll be king of the world before we know it.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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