What Are the Sox Waiting For?

What more do the Red Sox need to see from Mookie? Him to win the triple crown? Hit 700 home runs? Drive in 200 runs a year? I mean come on! The guy had one “down year” last year in which he batted .264 with 24 home runs and 102 runs batted in. I don’t know about you but I would still take that. Oh, and by the way he’s already at the half way mark of his total home runs from last year! It’s only May.

Betts is quickly turning into one of the best overall players in the game, never mind one of the best right fielders in the game. They need to lock him up and do it NOW! Just give the guy a blank check. He’s going to be the face of the franchise for the next 8+ years anyway!

I understood them not trading for Stanton because of the huge contract that comes with it and how that would hold up a lot of the money, but what’s the excuse now? You have the money to spend, you’ve one of the best all around players in the game playing on your team. He needs a new contract. You’re just not going to pay him? What are you waiting for? Bryce Harper or Machado to hit the market this offseason and pay them? I mean if that’s the plan, I’m not on board with that.

You know what you have in Mookie. Bryce and Manny are also game changers as well and there is no doubting that. The down side with them is how would Manny be accepted into the clubhouse? How will Bryce fit in Boston and all the pressures that come with it? There are a lot of questions around those two that you already know the answer to with Mookie.

The closer we get to the end of the season is the further away Mookie gets on wanting to stay in Boston. Mookie Betts needs to be on the Red Sox his entire career, no questions asked. Dave Dombrowski better get Betts’ agent on the phone and get a deal done and get it done yesterday!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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