Welcome to Bizarro World – Where Celtics Fans Don’t Want To Win Titles

At some point during the beginning stages of the NBA offseason, the city we all know and love changed from plain old Boston, MA into what I’d like to call Bizarro World.

And that change is thanks to one man.

We can all thank Stephen A. Smith for bringing up the notion that LeBron James could be taking his talents to Boston next season, as the ESPN reporter mentioned that the Celtics will be one of seven or eight teams that King James is likely to visit before determining where he will play in 2018-19 and beyond.

Celtics fans should be excited at just the thought of LeBron considering playing for Beantown… but in Bizarro World, C’s fans are losing their minds.

No one seems to want LeBron to suit up – and presumably wear some ridiculous number because the Celts have basically retired numbers 0-100 – in the green/black/white/gray Boston jerseys.

Which makes ZERO sense.

Listen, I get it. I hate LeBron too. He acts like a bitch, he complains about every call, he’s a huge diva, and he’s basically insufferable. Like the majority of Celtics/NBA fans (at least those that actually watched the games), I thoroughly enjoyed seeing LeBron and his Cavs get swept. Game 4 was so much fun, especially in the second half, when his entire team (and yes they’re his team… he’s the coach and GM of that shitty team) rolled over and gave up. The end of Game 1 was glorious too. There’s really nothing better than seeing Mr. “Not One, Not Two, Not Three, Not Four, Not Five, Not Six” lose in the Finals again.

I literally hate LeBron’s guts… but if he came to Boston it would be fantastic.

Because the Celtics would win.

End of story.

Isn’t that what every fan wants for their team?

I also understand that the Celts would have to break up their core in order to make room for the King. But again, he’s the best player of this generation, and even the biggest Bron Bron hater/Celts fan should be able to acknowledge that. Our young players are very good, but they’re not LeBron James.

Celtics fans seem to fall in love with certain players, and then get really irrational about them. People were freaking out when Trader Danny moved IT4 and some hot garbage to Cleveland for Kyrie because they loved with the little guy, he was so relatable, he just went through the death of his sister in the playoffs, and many didn’t realize that he wasn’t in the class of Kyrie. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are potential All-Stars (especially Tatum), but if they need to be moved to get one of the greatest players of all time, then fans can still root for them on other teams. You are allowed to do that.

If your hate of LeBron is so rampant that you just can’t see him playing in Boston, then while I think that you’re crazy, I respect your opinion… only if you don’t root for the Celtics if he comes here. Don’t be one of those people that are ripping him, then say you hate the C’s for signing him, and when they start winning games you go buy some LeBron shoes and/or a few jerseys with #86 or whatever number he’s wearing on it. That’s not allowed. Either totally commit to the hate, or suck it up for the length of his contract. I know I’d probably never wear a LeBron C’s jersey, but I’d have to stop hating him until he stabbed the C’s in the back and probably went back to Cleveland or Miami after winning a couple titles.

LeBron coming to Boston is likely just a pipe dream, but even if he doesn’t sign here, it’s an encouraging sign that high-profile free agents would consider playing for the Celtics. That alone is a huge positive, and should be celebrated by all C’s fans, whether you hate him or not.

But in Boston, aka Bizarro World, that is just not the case.

So Celtics fans will continue to come up with irrational reasons why the King should never play for their team until we have our third episode of “The Decision”. If LeBron comes to Boston, there will be months of criticism, hate, disownment, disgust… you name it… until he takes the court for the first time, and then everyone will forget that they hate him or why they did hate him. And if LeBron chooses the Lakers, or the Rockets, or even the Sixers (who could have Tatum right now haha), then us Green Teamers will just go back to hating his guts, and might hate him even more because he spurned our team.

Yep, that’s why they call us crazy.

Welcome to Bizarro World. Aka Boston, MA.

Written by: Adam Belue (@albinomamba44)

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