Week 16 Recap: Bills Demolish Patriots 38-9

No, try tough year! It’s sad to say, but this was almost expected. I was texting with a few of my friends last night and we were saying how weird it would be for the Patriots to win this game. This was when the game was tied at 3. Boy, did I look like a fool shortly there after.

The New England Patriots came into week 16 against the Buffalo Bills with a 6-8 record and out of playoff contention. The Buffalo Bills came to town 11-3 and fighting for a two seed in the AFC playoff picture (My, how the tables have turned!). I’m just going to say, the Bills made a STATEMENT last night in New England. This game was 10-9 at one point, and then the Bills scored 28 unanswered points. The season’s almost over with a short week leading to Sunday’s finale against the Jets. Before we look forward to the season ending, let’s quickly review this game.

Josh Allen

Josh Allen came to play last night. He’s a good NFL quarterback now. He sees the field extremely well. There aren’t as many overthrown receivers now as there were in his first few NFL seasons. But now, I want to see this Josh Allen in the playoffs. If he flounders in the first round, he’ll have the label as a good QB, but not great QB…yet.

Stefon Diggs

The Minnesota Vikings can kick rocks for getting rid of Stefon Diggs. This man can flat out ball. Look at the stats from last night. Man, did I want the Patriots to make a move for Diggs to get some sort of weapon on offense! Now, we’ll have to deal with his twice a year for the foreseeable future. Diggs was everywhere last night, basically outrunning everyone. He might have been the answer to Josh Allen’s prayers.

So Who’s the QB for Week 17?

Both quarterbacks weren’t great last night. But honestly, it might be time to give Jarrett Stidham his start. I give Cam Newton a lot of credit. He did what he could with minimal talent. But we can also acknowledge he’s not what he once was and is probably on his way out of the NFL sooner rather than later. Let Stidham start against the Jets in week 17. See what he can do with first team reps and an actual game under his belt instead of always coming off the bench. I’m almost completely out on Stidham as well. But you know what? Give the guy a full game to prove if he’s worth keeping around or moving on from.

In Conclusion

It is what it is at this point. We only have one more game to get through. It’s the Jets in week 17. Ordinarily, you’d think the Patriots easily take care of business. But honestly, the Jets are playing well right now and the Patriots offense is lackluster. Would it be the WORST thing in the world to lose to the Jets on Sunday? No! Try to get a better draft pick and maybe sneak into the top 10 with a LOT of help from around the NFL. Let’s just get through Sunday, forget 2020 ever happened and get ready to make a huge comeback in 2021!

Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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