WATCH: Phil Mickelson Takes Advice From A Kid This Weekend, Takes It And Makes The Kids Day

Video courtesy of @redavett101.

Phil Mickelson is the man. I love this move by Phil. I’m not a big golf guy. I dabbled in it for a while and even had a podcast on WEEI.com with a guy who really knew the difference between irons. I say that because I have NO idea what the difference is.

But Phil is the man and I only know that from seeing bits and pieces of his career on SportsCenter over the years.

Guy’s been around forever and you rarely hear anything negative coming out of his camp… Minus that insider trading scandal.

And this video proves that Mickelson knows his place. One of the most famous golfers I would say of all time and while he waits to go, knows he can make a kid’s day.

It was just killer that he took the advice and it worked. That kid said something that I just don’t comprehend. But it sounded right.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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