Fantasy Football: My Top 10 players at each position for week 1


The long awaited NFL seasons starts this Thursday with the Super Bowl defending New England Patriots taking on the Kansas City Chiefs in Foxboro.  Fantasy football aside this should be a fantastic game to kick off the season.

This weeks article is going to list who I think the top 10 fantasy scorers are going to be this week at each position.  I base these rankings off of a number of things.  These include; overall skill of the player, the matchup that week, any injuries to the player or other players on the team, and how the player is performing in the recent games ( like a hot streak).  These aren’t all the factors that go into my rankings, but they are the most predominant.  When looking at my rankings, good matchups will be in green, bad matchups will be in red, and matchups that are just about average will be blue.

Top 10 QBs for week 1

  1. Matt Ryan @ Chicago 
  2. Tom Brady vs. Kansas City
  3. Aaron Rodgers vs. Seattle
  4. Marcus Mariota vs. Oakland
  5. Ben Roethlisberger @ Cleveland 
  6. Russell Wilson @ Green Bay
  7. Cam Newton @San Francisco 
  8. Drew Brees @ Minnesota
  9. Kirk Cousins vs. Philadelphia 
  10. Derek Carr @ Tennessee

Top 10 RBs for week 1

  1. Le’Veon Bell @ Cleveland
  2. David Johnson @ Detroit
  3. LeSean McCoy vs. New York Jets
  4. Ezekiel Elliot vs. New York Giants
  5. Devonta Freeman @ Chicago
  6. Todd Gurley vs. Indianapolis 
  7. DeMarco Murray vs. Oakland
  8. Melvin Gordon @ Denver
  9. Jordan Howard vs. Atlanta
  10. Dalvin Cook vs. New Orleans

Top 10 WR for week 1

  1. Julio Jones @ Chicago
  2. Antonio Brown @ Cleveland
  3. Mike Evans @ Miami
  4. A.J. Green vs. Baltimore
  5. Amari Cooper @ Tennessee
  6. Odell Beckham Jr. @ Dallas
  7. Jordy Nelson vs. Seattle
  8. Doug Baldwin @ Green Bay
  9. Brandin Cooks vs. Kansas City
  10. Dez Bryant vs New York Giants

Top 10 TE for week 1

  1. Rob Gronkowski vs. Kansas City
  2. Jimmy Graham @ Green Bay
  3. Greg Olsen @ San Fransisco
  4. Delanie Walker vs Oakland
  5. Travis Kelce @ New England
  6. Kyle Rudolph vs New Orleans
  7. Jordan Reed vs Philadelphia 
  8. Zach Ertz @ Washington 
  9. Tyler Eifert vs. Baltimore
  10. Eric Ebron vs. Arizona

Top 10 D/ST for week 1

  1. Texans D/ST vs. Jacksonville 
  2. Bills D/ST vs. New York Jets
  3. Broncos D/ST vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  4. Patriots D/ST vs. Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Panthers D/ST @ San Fransisco
  6. Steelers D/ST @ Cleveland
  7. Rams D/ST vs. Indianapolis 
  8. Seahawks D/ST @ Green Bay
  9. Jaguars D/ST @ Houston 
  10. Chiefs D/ST @ New England

Top 10 K for week 1

  1. Stephen Gostkowski vs Kansas City
  2. Justin Tucker @ Cincinnati 
  3. Dan Bailey vs New York Giants
  4. Matt Bryant @ Chicago
  5. Cario Santos @ New England
  6. Brandon McManus vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  7. Mason Crosby vs. Seattle
  8. Dustin Hopkins vs. Philadelphia 
  9. Matt Prater vs. Arizona
  10. Steven Hauschka vs. New York Jets

That’s all for this week, Check back next Tuesday for a recap of week 1’s games!

Written By: Jon Tetreault (@JonTetreault13)

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