Watch Out NBA, Ben Simmons Just Made His First Jump Shot

Guys, the Celtics are SCREWED.

Ben Simmons, a professional basketball player, finally learned how to make a jumper! Do you know what this means? I know it’s only August, but 76ers basically just won the NBA Finals. Crazy, right?

If you couldn’t detect the sarcasm in that last paragraph, stop reading this. I just think it’s so funny that Ben Simmons is getting all of this attention FOR MAKING A JUMP SHOT. He’s in the NBA for fucks-sake. He should be able to pull up and knock down some mid-rangers with ease. But nope, Mr. Rooke of the Year has to get attention every time he does something everyone else can do.

Just look at that form. His jump shot is literally screaming “I’m a righty who shoots left for no reason.” It’s so ugly and unorthodox. Nothing about this dude makes sense to me. Celtics in 4.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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