WATCH: Markelle Fultz’s Foul Shot Somehow Got Even Worse And I’m Crying

Markelle Fultz’s shooting form has been a topic of conversation since he entered the league. You would think that he’d have this down pat by this point, right? I mean, this is his second year in the league and anyway, I thought he was only “off” last year because of injury? Well… Listen. I don’t know how to tell you this but uh, Fultz is now at the foul line looking like he’s never seen a hoop before in his entire life.

Oh my God, WHAT IS THAT!?

This kid has been a complete enigma since entering the league last season as the first overall pick. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not 100% positive I used that word right and I’ve never really understood what it’s meant, but let’s try it there and see how it marinates.

But Fultz’s shot is pure disgusting. I’m not talking about the new way to use “disgusting” meaning it’s really good. Oh no. I’m talking “disgusting” like the way you would have used it in the 90s. I’ll be honest, I’m an old CYO all-star. All of us religious boys balling up for our church back in the old days. I’ve seen my fair share of foul shots, but I couldn’t hit any. It was my kryptonite along with layups, defense, rebounding and jump shots. My passing though, watch out. Disclaimer, I wasn’t actually a CYO all-star. We went to the championship once though.

Regardless, I know basketball like it’s calculus. I know of it and I feel like I should know more about it than I do. One thing I do know though is that foul shots should NOT look like that. What are we doing here? Has no one taught Markelle how to shoot a ball on his way to being the top overall pick? Did Danny Ainge actually know that Fultz wasn’t that good while refusing to buy into the hype? That answer is yes.

Someone needs to fix Markelle Fultz ASAP before Jimmy Butler shows up to the locker room and gives him a swirly for stinking. Do NOT let Jimmy see this because if he does, Fultz will have to transfer leagues by the end of this season.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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