WATCH: Larry Nance Jr Ruthlessly Ignores Young Fan


Not really sure what Nance is doing here. Unless he completely forgot how to write his own name, signing something shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds. In his defense though, I’m pretty sure this is UCLA’s campus, and unless this kid was turning up to 10 the night before, he’s clearly only there because the Cavaliers are there.

UPDATE:  Yeah, he was only there for the autographs.

Seems like this kid should’ve just gone for Kevin Love all along. I mean Love did go to UCLA, so I’m pretty sure that when the school paid him to attend, there was some sort of agreement about signing autographs in the future.

UPDATE #2: Nance apologized on Instagram.

Naturally, this doesn’t represent who Nance is as a person. What a lame ass excuse. When something like this happens, you have the chance to show who you are as person. Did he have a good reason to blow off the kid? I have no idea. He could’ve been having the worst day ever and just wanted to be left alone.

That seems doubtful though, because he could’ve just said that in his apology instead of saying that it didn’t represent who he was as a person. Either way, he chose to be a dick. Therefore, he’s a dick. This is how it works.

Also, where the hell does Larry Nance Jr get off? Larry freaking Nance Jr. I don’t think kids are clamoring for your autograph. Just sign something for the kid. Holy hell.

-Brian Borders (@bborders12)

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