WATCH: Kyrie Irving’s New Shoe Commerical is Incredible

Nike released this commercial for the new Kyrie 4’s yesterday, and it’s so Kyrie Irving it hurts. The music, the set, the flat earth reference, the Boston Philharmonic, all of it, absolutely amazing. I literally feel like I’m in his head when I watch this.

Cameos from Gronk and Jayson Tatum also cap it off pretty well. Gronk quoting some ancient Chinese general absolutely killed me, along with his face when Kyrie promoted his plant based diet.

As for the shoes themselves, they’re pretty sick. The Kyrie 4’s might be the best design he’s put out so far. Overall Nike did an incredible job promoting this product by letting Kyrie shoot this commercial on his own. It puts a nice finishing touch on the product as a whole. Kyrie has such a creative mind, it’s always cool to see him put it on display. Hopefully we get to see more commercials like this where atheletes are able to put their creativity out there for the fans to see.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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