WATCH: Ian Kinsler Accidentally Stole 3rd Base & I Now Love Him

Now here’s the actual question: Did he KNOW that he was pulling a trick steal?

Has that ever been done before? Put so little effort into a stolen bag that the catcher legit can’t get the ball out of his hand. He melted his brain. Grab some crackers because that catcher’s brain was soup (good one, Nick).

Straight up if I’m the catcher I don’t think I throw it either. “Hold on. Is the inning over? How does Kinsler not care at all about making it? Did the game just end?

It’s a one time kind of trick and it’s a shame that he used it in spring training. It’s like the Patriots with their fancy trick plays. You get to see them every once in a while but that’s it. I’ve talked myself into it. Kinsler did this on purpose. Get him on my fantasy team NOW.

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