WATCH: Gordon Hayward is Jogging

Is it time to freak out yet??

A new video documenting Gordon Hayward’s rehab process dropped today. This time, we got a short glimpse of him doing what appears to be a pacer test. So what’s this mean? For starters, this is the first time we’re seeing him run without any assistance, which is definitley a good sign. Secondly, this means he could start officially traveling with the team, according to Brad Stevens.

It feels good to see that guy back on his feet, but by no means do I think he’s coming back any time soon because of it. Running under his own power is a huge step (haha) in the right direction, but until that turns into a full-on sprint, I won’t be convinced that he’s returning at all this year. Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge both remain adamant on that stance, so I plan on sticking with them. They seem like they might have a pretty good idea as to what they’re talking about. I’m not trying to rule it out, but this video shouldn’t be getting anyone too excited about a return this season. Not yet at least.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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