WATCH: Gordon Hayward Addresses The Crowd At The Garden And I’m Gassed Up

This guy, man. This frigen guy. I’m telling you, I’ve been absolutely rattled all God damn day. Losing Hayward last night to that MORTIFYING ankle injury was like losing a family member. I just couldn’t believe it.

I tweeted last night that I just expected Gordon to come jogging out of the tunnel ready to throw down on Bitchy-Bron and all would be good. Danny Ainge would slide back to the locker room, spread the group of doctors apart like Randy Moss’ old touchdown celebration…

Moss TD Dance.gif

… And he would just snap his ankle back into place because that’s what Trader Danny does. He doesn’t lose for long periods of time. Uh-uh. He built this team by tearing down relationships and blowing teams up. Literally pick-pocketing those squids in Brooklyn.

But here we are. Nothing. He never… came… back. I think I almost cried. Actually a legit text I got from my girlfriend last night was, “Are you crying? I’ll break up with you”. Okay first of all, damn girl. What? Break up with me because I’m SHOOK over losing Hayward within the first five minutes of a season where the Celtics actually have a shot at going to finals? Come on. I don’t get people who just can’t grasp a passion for sports. But I date one of those.

Rewinding back to the video though. Jesus this tugged at the heart. Gordon are you trying to flood the Garden with tears? Lord.

I watched this team last night take the Cavs to the buzzer and right now they’re behind to the Bucks. I just can’t imagine this team losing these first two with Hayward in the game.

But hey, he assured us he was alright and that he was going to be good. Slammed us with the classic cliches telling us that he wanted to be out there with his boys more than anything. Yeah dude, me frigen too dude.

It was confirmed today that he had a dislocation in his left ankle and a fractured tibia. Now, I am absolutely praying that Hayward is brought back by March. And that feels like a stretch. But is it worth it at that point?

WEEI, Boston sports radio, had on a doctor, Dr. Thomas Gill to be exact, who broke it down for us. Basically I didn’t understand any of the terminology but he did say that Hayward could be walking, yeah, walking, in 12 weeks. That may be a stretch depending on the injury and what the severity of said injury is. But after seeing that, how the hell does the human body just put that back together. Like what? That is bananas to me. Makes absolutely no sense.

Hayward will have missed the entirety of the season for the most part, and you would want to bring him back for the tail end of the regular season and then playoffs when he’s frankly ill prepared? Come on, now.

Believe me, I am CRUSHED that Hayward is out. Absolutely mortified. But it’s honestly time to start looking at next year, right? I know it’s game two, but without Gordo, and barring any big moves by Ainge, what is this team going to be? The number two again and lose in the ECF? Maybe. If they get that far.

I still see this team as a better competitor than last season. And that’s the truth. But I don’t see this team anywhere near what they could have been with Hayward which, for lack of a better term, blows cheeks.

MAN I just can’t tell you how excited I was for this season. It’s here. Celtics vs Cavs. This team has a chance. Big moves, new team. It’s time. And within six minutes, some jack ass took that delicious Celtics smoothie I was sucking on but couldn’t get any of it because it was to frozen and wouldn’t come up the straw, and just slammed it on the ground. Right in front of me. All of the wind sucked right out of the sails.

But one savage move did come out of last night. And that’s this tweet by Anna Horford.

From the CLOUDS. Mia Khalifa for whatever reason loves to mix it up on Twitter when it comes to athletes. For those of you who don’t know, Mia’s a pornstar.  She puts them on blast when they DM her and even wears it on her sleeve when she gets put on blast, which I low key admire.

But fist fight one on one, I go with Anna all the way. She’s just been a Twitter beast since Al came strolling into town. I don’t say this for many accounts, but she’s a must follow bar none.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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