Help Is On The Way

Stop me if you’ve heard this before The Boston Bruins have been inconsistent to start the year. With this youthful Bruins lineup they are bound to be a little inconsistent which is okay. These kids are just starting to get their feet wet in the NHL and are only just starting to gain chemistry with their new teammates. Relax there are plenty of games left.

Help is coming too the Bruins announced that Bergeron and Backes are on the upswing from their recovery processes. They aren’t ruled out for tomorrow but I still don’t think the Bruins would rush them back too soon and risk further injury. Those are two huge players for the Bruins, Bergeron is arguably the best two-way center in the game and his presence not only helps the Bruins in the defensive end but his chemistry with Marchand is clear. Backes has lost 10 pounds through his case of diverticulitis so his grit might be a little less than normal but he still provides a strong veteran presence and should help the younger guys ease into the NHL.

The Bruins are going to be fine it is too early in a season to hit the panic button, they have been inconsistent, so what? They’ve been without their number 1 center and have used Riley Nash in his spot, a role which Nash is not skilled enough for.  That’s not an insult to Nash he’s just not a top line guy but he has value as a depth player. Backes will also provide stabilization to all the lines and increase the Bruins defensive zone presence and create gritty scoring opportunities by crashing the paint and getting to the dirty areas.

This team is bound to experience ups and downs in the first couple weeks but once the youth and veterans get clicking with each other the lamp will be lit on a consistent basis. No need to panic……yet.

Written By : Tyler Smith (@Tylersmith4386)

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