WATCH: Giancarlo Stanton Broke Some Records Last Night With An Absolute Missile

I don’t think it goes against my Red Sox fandom in the slightest to admit that Giancarlo Stanton hit the absolute piss out of this ball last night.

That thing checked in at a cool 121.7 MPH off of the bat and is the hardest hit home run in the history StatCast measuring exit velocity. That thing was absolutely smoked.

Yeah, the Yankees are now getting their asses handed to them in the AL East standings by the Sox at this point but the pop that’s in the middle of that lineup when Judge is healthy is BANANAS.

Since StatCast started measuring exit velocity, Stanton and Judge combine for 13 of the hardest hit balls recorded.

He started off slow so I think that overshadows the fact that Stanton is having a solid year. Hitting nearly .280 with 28 bombs is a strong season. What the hell are we doing pitching this guy inside? I’ve never seen a guy move the lower half of his body during a swing less and he seems to have less success on the outside. What are we doing?

And obviously I have nothing to back that up and I’m not going to Google it, but just believe me on that, okay?

Stanton hit a ROCKET last night and it hasn’t been reported, but I think there’s like a 50/50 chance that the person who tried to catch that ball lost their hand.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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