WATCH: Cubs Addison Russell Made a WILD Play Last Night

Not even kidding, I said the same exact thing as this Twitter caption last night when I saw this play. The Cubs defense up the middle between Javy Baez and Addison Russell is obnoxiously nasty.

I’m all in on the Brewers making things interesting in the NL Central, but God damn are we going to be robbed if the Cubs don’t at least make an appearance in the NLDS. The Cubs have been one of the better teams in the game for the past few years obviously and their infield is just a straight up cheat code.

I’m a big-time football guy but this is why baseball is my favorite sport and it isn’t even close. When baseball’s not on, the top 10 plays from the previous night drop down significantly. All you see the next morning is a dunk, and maybe a fire catch in the NFL. But the top plays in baseball are easily some of the best athletic plays in sports. Like this play by Addy, how the hell does he slide backward, snag it and still come up firing in time to throw Braun out?

Addison Russell you God damn stud. I’m here for the Cubs defense.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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