NFL Banter

I hope everyone had fun watching the NFL with their eyes this weekend. I sure did. Moving forward, there are some things that you need to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

Here they are:

My fantasy team! Who should I start next week, Matt Ryan or Tyrod Taylor? Please help me.

RPO (Run-pass option). Have you guys heard of this? It’s some crazy stuff! The quarterback can hand it off to the running back OR pass it to a receiver OR even run it himself. Could make some waves.


Is Tom Brady better than Aaron Rodgers, or the opposite? I think it is a close race! They both throw very tight spirals.


There is a new television program about football called Hard Knocks. Have you all heard of this television program? I heard that it is on HBO. Could be something to investigate.


It’s 2018, but what is a catch? Did that man catch the football, or did he drop it? Tough to say.


Also, this:


Oh, and this:





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