WATCH: Chris Paul Getting A Turnover For High-Fiving James Harden’s Mom With Time Running Out Is Preposterous

Gee, I wonder why NBA players and refs just can’t get along? Listen, I get it’s the rule, I really do, but do you need to be that much of a stickler?

This is legit the same type of situation that you saw in high school when you forgot to do your homework, saw the clock ticking down and realized that the teacher forgot to collect it, and then there’s a clown in class reminding them. Guy, just do your fellow peers a solid and just let it slide. This ref’s doing EVERYONE in the arena a favor by just letting the clock tick down.

The game was over. Finished. DONE. And now we’re just wasting time.

Like, we wonder why the players hate the refs and scream at them every night. Preposterous things like this. Just let it slide my man. No one’s going to hate you for it. The Jazz clearly gave up. Just chill. But now you’re the guy who wasted everyone’s time while Chris Paul was just trying to give some love to his star teammate’s mom. Yeesh.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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