WATCH: Charles Barkley And Shaq Die Laughing Because The LAPD Was Called On The Rockets & Clippers Last Night

NBA on TNT may easily be the best pre/halftime/postgame show there is out of the four major sports. And 90% of it has to do with Charles Barkley and Shaq with how absurd the two can get mid-segment.

For the most part during these shows you get athletes who try to act like they’re professionals, which is fine I guess. If you want to take that angle than go for it. Just know that people are damn tired of stand up, boring news. They like guys to act like themselves and that’s what Barkley and Shaq give you every single night. It’s what I call the Barstool appeal; Guys who aren’t trying to impress. They show who they actually are which attracts people.

Straight up I would choose these guys to host a halftime show for any sport. It doesn’t need to be basketball. Every show you get Barkley making an absurd take and riling up an entire fan base or taking shots at the big ol’ women of some state. He LOVES to be a Max Kellerman type to say something and PRAY that he’s right.

This video above is laugh out loud funny. I love that the guys can clown on a guy like Chris Paul too for storming the locker room. I can’t get enough of this pairing during these shows and if TNT is smart, they’ll keep them both on as long as possible.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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