WATCH: Cavs Fan Is LIVID With Boogie Cousins For Joining the Warriors

Out of all of the guys in the league, ie. Kevin Durant, that you could yell at over ruining the league, why the hell would you yell at a hobbled Boogie Cousins?

Sure, the guy could have vastly improved another team by signing with them. Especially at the minimal contract that he signed. But come on, Boogie wasn’t getting the contract offers that he deserved and he’s coming off of an Achilles injury. He wasn’t even dressed for the game.

You need to respect his fire though. This guy LOVES the NBA. Loves it. All he’s doing is looking out for the league. He cares about the balance of the league. How can you blame him? He’s the Robin Hood of NBA fans. A representative that we didn’t ask for, one that we didn’t know that we needed.

And hey nerd, quit telling him that there are kids around. If you’re a kid, you get it. You’ve probably had nightmares about what Boogie with the Warriors is going to do the league. Or maybe not because just the idea of him with Golden State keeps you awake at night. You know what, I’m fully with this guy now. I talked myself into it.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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