WATCH: Carson Wentz Limps Off Of Plane, Confirmed Torn ACL

You know what sucks most about Carson Wentz tearing his ACL? It just completely sucks that a lot of the fun has been sucked out of the playoffs now that the competition just took a nose dive.

It’s been a much better year in my opinion based off of the competition. Not as many suck bags as there has been recently. Carson Wentz stepped up and God damn, helped made the Eagles look elite. I mean yeah, a lot of it had to do with their stud defense, but you need an All-Pro quarterback to have an elite team. That’s just a fact.

And with Aaron Rodgers coming back potentially this upcoming week, Wentz vs Rodgers in the playoffs would have been electric. But, look at that, no Wentz.

The NFC playoffs too, man. The amount of teams that could legitimately make the Super Bowl that have to go through each other. Minnesota, Seattle, LA, Philly and even potentially Dallas once Zeke comes back. But without Wentz I think that murders their chances.

Did we watch any of yesterday’s LA, Philly game? Easily one of the best on the season and if Wentz would have been able to stay in, it probably would have been even better. He has broken out so much this season that he was almost appointment television for me. He would miraculously slide out of a crowded pocket and make clutch throws deep down the field like it were normal play.

Am I bitter? Yeah I’m a little rattled that I just lost my fantasy quarterback while in the middle of playoffs. But I’m mostly shook about the competition in the NFL.

Sooooooo many star players lost this year to injury. Julian Edelman, David Johnson, JJ Watt, Richard Sherman and man, does the list go on.

God speed to Wentz’s knee and I guess let’s hope the Eagles are solid again next season for the kid.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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