WATCH: Brock Osweiler Screaming At The Broncos With Nobody Paying Attention To Him Is The Most Underrated Part Of The Weekend

This video is absolutely laugh out loud funny. Nobody has been pantsed metaphorically more around the league than Brock over the past few seasons.

He first popped up on Twitter a couple of seasons ago during a blowout for Denver over Oakland where he was positive he was going to come into the game and grab some snaps. Then he grabs his helmet, turns around and sees Peyton trotting onto the field. The kid’s dreams were shot right in front of us. A 41-10 win isn’t a damn thing that would get Peyton out of a game. The guy was a legit shell of himself with zero arm left and he was still out there slinging that turkey down the field.

After his wishy washy season with Denver while he started some games and sat other with Peyton Manning being injured on and off, he landed himself a major deal in Houston.

Andddd after he stunk in Houston, the Texans straight up had to force the quarterback and his hefty contract onto the Browns… the BROWNS… by giving them a second and a sixth round pick to Cleveland so they would take Osweiler.

Imagine being 16 years old, trying to land some ladies for the first time in your life? You’re going to head to the mall on a Friday night because you hear Katie from your science class is going to be there. Probably hitting Hollister? And your mom FORCES you to take your nine year old brother. Mom, kick rocks. No way. Do you know how spicy Katie is? But then she tosses some dollar bills your way. Now when you get to the mall you can dump your brother on a bench somewhere, tell him not to move and use that money to show Katie you make cash. Did you lose your bother last night and cause a town wide search that included the police? Yeah. But did you say “Hi” and not throw up this time while talking to Katie? You’re damn right.

Essentially, that scenario is what happened to Cleveland.

But back to this video, man is that laugh out loud funny. So demoralizing and so Brock. Trying to get your team jacked up to play some football and they act like you’re a ghost who isn’t even there. Dude, shut up. I’m trying to listen to the music they’re playing over the speakers.

The Broncos have been checked out since week 8, Brock. It’s too late now. I laugh out loud every time I watch this video. I can’t get enough of it.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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