Warriors vs. Rockets Prediction

We all knew it was going to happen. The Rockets and Warriors were going to meet up in the Western Conference Finals. It was destined to happen since the beginning of the season. The question is, who is going to win this series?


This team is balanced and can attack from anywhere. They score the second most points in the league and their defense is not all that bad. What I like about this team, is that the supporting cast can ball. Ariza, Cappella, Tucker, and Gordon are all capable of doing their job the correct way. James Harden is on another level and we all know he can erupt for 30 plus points on any given night. However, the big question mark is Chris Paul. Listen, I am a huge fan of Chris Paul. He will go down as one of the best point guards to ever play the game. But…. he has never been in this position before. This is his first conference finals series. Ariza is going to have to play next level defense on Durant. Capella also has to clog the lain and affect the Warriors driving game.


Is anyone really questioning the Warriors? Durant is a top three player in the world. Thompson is automatic from anywhere beyond the arc. Steph Curry is back and healthy. Green is a monster on the boards and can change the game with his fiery attitude. These guys have amazing chemistry. They Warriors the best ball movement in the league and play fast. But what about the rest of the team? Ill give Livingston credit, but the rest of the team has problems. This Warriors bench will be the tell all for this team. I have said this over the past few years. The Warriors LIVE OR DIE BY THE THREE.  Can the Rockets find a way to stop them from making threes?

My Prediction

This series will be a lot of fun to watch. We will see some crazy plays, high flying dunks, and plenty of deep three-pointers. In the end, the Warriors will win in 6.  The Warriors just have too much firepower, and I have no clue how the Rockets will stop it. Harden and Chris Paul will play great in the series but it won’t be enough. The Warriors have an advantage in coaching, having the better players, and experience.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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