Wanted: New Weapon For Tom Brady

After Week 1 of this season, one of the biggest talking points about the Patriots was how deep their Wide Receiver corps was. How they didn’t even need Antonio Brown but they were going to have him any way after they lit up the Steeler’s in the first game. Well now the Patriots really don’t have AB anymore and after a poor showing in Buffalo for the passing game, it’s beginning to look like they do need someone else.

With Julian Edelman still battling an injury it seems, it was expected that Tom Brady would end up relying on Josh Gordon and Phillip Dorsett. And while Dorsett had been having an impressive season thus far, neither him nor Gordon seemed to be able to get any separation from coverage. Despite the fact that Edelman was still hurt, he ended up catching more passes than either one of them despite having equal targets with Gordon and less than Dorsett.

Now not all the blame should be placed on them. If we’re being honest, Brady wasn’t looking his normal elite self. The QB only went 18 for 39 and 150 yards. It’s safe to say that he was having an off day.

But a lot of the credit has to go to the Bill’s defense. As a whole, they’ve been having a pretty good season and they were able to get to Brady quickly. They forced him to move more than he’s comfortable with and barely ever let any receivers get away from them The only person they had issues stopping was running back James White who went 8 for 10 in receiving.

Out of the four teams the Patriots have now played, the Bills were their biggest challenge defensively. And if this is how their offense is going to play against good defenses, they’re going to need some help.

While a lot of people would look to this year’s first round draft pick, N’Keal Harry, the rookie’s still stuck on IR for the next few weeks and even after that, there’s a possibility the team won’t bring him back. With the ability to only bring back two players off the list, Harry will have to fight for his chance against Isaiah Wynn and James Develin.

With these issues, it’s likely that the Patriots will try to find another wide receiver. There has been speculation online that they are interested in Minnesota Viking Stefon Diggs. Whether or not these reports are true remains to be seen but Diggs would certainly be a good addition depending on what the Vikings are looking for in exchange.

A better option however may be a different Viking. Adam Thielen fits the profile of under rated and undrafted talent that Bill Belichick loves and would make a good fit with the Patriots receiving corps. The Vikings may be more willing to move Thielen than Diggs due in part to the fact that they owe him less money going forward. The WR has also been noticeably frustrated with his team and more specifically his quarterback who has been underperforming as of late.

Whether or not the Patriots end up going after a wide receiver is not clear. No one has ever really been able to predict what Belichick is up to and I don’t think it’s going to start happening soon. We can only hope that the Patriots are willing to at least try to find Brady a new weapon moving forward in the season.


~Mary Evers (@For_Evers_Young) 

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