Wake Up with the Chiefs-Patriots 2018 Regular Season Thriller

We all need some sports in our lives right now, fair to say? If you need something fun to look at, wake up with this classic game. The 5-0 Chiefs visited Foxborough to take on the 3-2 Patriots. Patrick Mahomes was taking the league by storm on his way to an MVP season. The Patriots struggled out of the gate, but seemed to finally be hitting their stride. This had all the makings of a classic. My goodness was it indeed a classic! Let’s revisit a few things in that game, shall we?

The Brady to Edelman Connection

The Patriots cruised in the first half to a 24-9 lead. A lot of that was thanks to the connection between Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. Edelman ended up with four receptions for 54 yards and a TD, as seen above. We all know how much these two loved working together. The work paid off, especially in this game, with Brady going to his favorite target when he needed him. That first half was huge for the Patriots and helped them squeak out a win in the end.

The Emergence of Sony Michel

A lot of people were bashing Sony Michel in the first quarter of the season. The first round pick out of Georgia wasn’t looking like himself early on. In this game, he showed he can be a very good running back in this league. He finished with 24 rushes for 106 yards and two touchdowns. The average on that is 4.4 yards per carry. I’ll take four yards a carry out of anyone. This showed that Michel had it in him to perform in big games. After the 2018 playoffs, I think it’s safe to say that statement is correct. This game was a foreshadowing of great things to come for the running back.

The Speed of Tyreek Hill

Yes, I know Tyreek Hill has an extremely bad past. I get that. But as far as this football game goes, Hill was a literal cheetah.

Look at the speed on the wide receiver. 21.31 mph? That’s absurd. This gave the Chiefs a glimmer of hope as they tied the game at 40 late in the fourth quarter. The only downside is that Hill might have scored a little too early. Nevertheless, it was a catch and pure speed the rest of the way. Also, shoutout to Mahomes on this play. Staying in the pocket, keeping calm, and finding the opening in the defense led to a tie game. Mahomes will be special for years to come. Plus, having Tyreek Hill to throw to consistently doesn’t hurt either.

The Brady Rushing TD

This was probably my favorite play of the game. It’s a play you don’t see very often. Tom Brady’s last rushing touchdown of more than a yard before that one? 2012. As you can see, Brady doesn’t run very often. But when he does, hold onto your breath! This was a fun time, a memorable time. Man, let’s move on before the waterworks start.

The First of Two Great Battles

We know what happened in the second matchup that season. They had very similar themes though, right? Patriots control the first half, the Chiefs make a great comeback in the second, then the Patriots find a way to win. Whether it be luck or skill, the Patriots beat the Chiefs both times when it mattered. These battles were a lot of fun to watch. But, the battles will continue as the Chiefs and Buccaneers are scheduled to meet in the 2020 season. Another great matchup awaits for all NFL fans.

In Conclusion

This game was one of the best regular season games in 2018. It was back and forth. There were big plays on both sides. The game literally came down to a last second field goal. So if you need something to get you by in this time without real-time sports, this is a good place to start. It’s a shame we won’t get to see this battles firsthand anymore.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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