Wait What’s Your Name?? Episode 2: Dick Felt

When you think of professional football, there are a few (boring) names that typically come to mind. People like Tom Brady, Joe Montana, and Jim Brown, just to name a few. But when I think of professional football, the first name that I think of is the one and only Dick Felt.


How about the balls on the Felt family to knowingly, and I assume lovingly, choose the name Richard out of all the names out there in the universe. Talk about setting your son up for failure, huh? But alas, tough love is sometimes necessary.

Felt was actually born in Utah and attended BYU, which either makes a ton of sense or absolutely zero sense considering his first name was a slang term for male genitalia. Later he played in the AFL for both the New York Titans and the Boston Patriots, further proving that he was a Dick. He was also a two-time AFL All-Star during his playing days, but was never able to bring home an ever elusive AVN Award, despite his perfect name.


Before he passed away in 2012 I was able to interview Felt and ask him a few questions. Given his last name, I felt it appropriate to ask if he was ever a billiards player. Much to my surprise, Dick said he had a great passion for the game. Naturally, I asked if he considered himself a “pool-shark” on the felt, but Dick laughed it off saying that, “sharks are twice as good as I am.”


– @RobDark_13

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