A Look At David Krejci and His Role With The Bruins

David Krejci is entering his eleventh season with the Boston Bruins and he’s had his ups and downs over the years. KRejci is still under contract for three more years and will be 34 at his contract’s end. Krejci has been a solid player during his career but has maintained consistent numbers during his career. Over the past three seasons Krejci has played in 218 games and totaled 161 points. If Krejci could have two consistent line mates he might be able to reach higher numbers.

Last season, Krejci quickly found chemistry with the young gun Jake DeBrusk but had a revolving door of linemates on his other wing. If the Bruins are able to find a piece to fill that line they can be a juggernaut team. With two full lines of offense and a young d-core the Bruins could have a great future. The Bruins do have options to fill that role either from within the organization or via trade. Krejci has always performed at his best with a bigger forward on his line. That’s why the Bruins thought Nash would be a great fit but his health faltered and the Bruins were left still searching for a second line winger. Maybe this year they get Krejci to develop some chemistry with Ryan Donato and fill out that roster spot.

David Krejci is entering his later years but has still been a productive second line player. Krejci has had some injuries to play through over the past seasons so a full season of him this year could make a big difference for the B’s. Krejci doesn’t just act as a player he also serves as a role model and leader for the younger guys in the locker room. He can help guide the younger players in to being productive role guys such as penalty killers or low line grinders. Krejci will be a big part of bringing in the next generation of Bruins and he can still contribute while helping guys like Forsbacka-Karlsson and Oskar Steen.

With training camp coming up soon the Boston Bruins will look to their veteran core to help guide their young players in their second NHL seasons or for a few their first. In a stacked Atlantic division the Bruins and David Krejci will have to reach a new level if they want to compete in the playoffs again.


Written By Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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