Verbally Committed Episode 4: The Pickle Rick Episode

As you can see from the image in the title, you can figure out why we named our episode PICKLE RIIIIIIIIIICK

Pickle Rick gif

We are a pro Rick and Morty podcast, anyone let us know if you want us to do a random, off the wall Rick and Morty like episode.


New Twitter!

So as some of you know, for a week we were stuck in Twitter jail with no escape in sight. Thanks “Twitter Support…” However we have escaped and are currently using an alias. You can now follow our new account @PodVerbalCommit


  • We talk about why we think it was a bad decision for Oregon and Oregon State to decide to drop their rivalry game name of “Civil War”
  • Ohio State and Alabama agreed to play in 2027/28, are both teams still powerhouses when they meet up?
  • Top recruit in basketball makes his decision on where to play
  • Gilli’s what-if, revisionist history of the Aldridge/Durant led Texas Longhorns

Cam Newton or Joe Burrow

If you could, for one season, have 2010 Cam Newton, or 2019 Joe Burrow, which would you rather have?

Daily Degeneracy

FINALLY we get to talk about some gambling. We focus in on the future odds for the Heisman trophy and the national championship and tell you who the wise guys would put their money on.

Guess that Fight Song

Easy one this time, Connor figures it out in record time. Granted, it’s only the second time we’ve played the game, but still, record time!


Do you know where Michael Strahan went to school? The answer while elusive may surprise you.

Where you can listen

We are on Spotify and iTunes, any other suggestions would honestly be pretty fruitless, even your dog has one of those two sights. Subscribe, listen, rate, review and enjoy!

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Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@PodVerbalCommit)

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