Verbally Committed Episode 3: We Love and Hate Kansas Football? (Featuring Fred O’Brien)

We are only three episodes in on this brand new podcast and we have been placed in Twitter jail. For some un known reason our account has been temporarily suspended and we can’t get back in. So if you like bad boys, rebels, bandits or pirates then you’ve come to the right podcast!

First Guest

Our first guest on Verbally Committed is a fellow Couch Guy Sports blogger, Fred O’Brien. While he focuses most of his attention on the NFL, he knows enough about their minor league system known as college football to hold his own this week and we were glad to have him on and can’t wait to get him back on the pod. Go out and give him a follow on the Soviet Union social media account known as Twitter @FOBsportsNFL


  • Coronavirus taking a toll already on college football teams, and whether or not there will even be a season
  • University of Iowa suspends season ticket sales. What does that say about how crowds will look like this fall?
  • Colin Cowherd names his tiers of college football programs, do we agree with his top tier? Or with Cowherd on anything?


We talk about teams that we love and hate coming into the 2020 season. Which teams do we think take that next step forward this coming fall and out perform their expectations?

But also the teams we think will fail to meet their goals this year, what coaches might be on the hot seat, who’s schedule is just too tough to overcome.

Also do we love or hate Kansas football? It’s a tough subject.

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